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How to Be Gay and Safe in Nigeria

How to Be Gay and Safe in Nigeria

Last Sunday, at a weekly literary gathering in Kaduna, a bearded dark macho guy openly said, smiling with a perfect row of white teeth, “I am homophobic, so writing this story was very difficult for me” as if he expected the audience to give him a standing ovation.
I had to confirm what he had said by asking him to repeat himself, which he did in clearer terms. I couldn’t even wait to hear his short story.

Gay by God. Proud by choice!

PRIDE in being gay is not something that comes naturally when we live in a world that tells us we are “evil” and “immoral”. For most of us it is first a road of self-awareness, and then of self-acceptance. We then need to take a further step to determine the consequences of our “Coming Out” to family, friends, and co-workers. For many the losses are not worth revealing the truth and so they remain closeted. This is understandable.

I am gay and choir member

“While in the western churches, Homosexuality is being discussed and some churches like the catholic church have been making steps toward understanding and welcoming gay Christians by making the church more open, the African...

I am sure he loves me

I am Emma, I am from Uganda. I got to know God at the age of 11years old. I knew by then that I was different but I didn’t fully know about my sexuality...