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“African culture” is not against homosexuality

The question that arises is then; how much do people know about their cultures, traditions and faith as they were before colonialism, so as to truly understand what their culture is (the claim of an “African culture” as not taking into account the diversity of such a big continent)?

A masterpiece, that is what you are

on’t let any person with a law kind of mindset, ignorant about the word of God and the world its self, with a lot of insecurities, let you down or make you feel less of yourself because you are a child of God and he will love you as He did before now and forever

HOCODI – Uganda

Holistic Community Development Initiative Uganda (HOCODI-UG) is a nonprofit Community Based Organization that was established in 2011 with a goal of advocating for rights of marginalized categories of people including members of LGBTQI ,...