I Trust in Thee: Helpline for LGBT Christians in Africa

Are you an LGBT Christian looking for a priest, pastor, nun or LGBT person with whom you can dialogue or open up?
Are you a Christian parent who has discovered that your son or daughter is gay or trans and doesn’t know what to do?
Do you feel the need to talk to an LGBT Christian couple?
Are you a pastoral worker of a Christian church group or a pastor or priest and would like to know more about LGBT Christians and their parents?

Then contact the “I Trust in Thee” listening service, run by the volunteers of Gay Christian Africa. Contact us at to organize an interview by telephone or a video call with a priest, pastor, a religious, a Christian parent with an LGBT child, an LGBT couple or others who can listen to you and accompany you.

If you want to get involved, an interview with them can be an excellent opportunity to talk, let off steam and discuss with those who know well the topic of “faith and homosexuality”. To help us help you when you write to us, the first time, we ask you to specify the following information:

  1. Your name (surname is also appreciated, but not necessary);
  2. The country, province or region of residence, if you would like it to be a person from your area;
  3. with whom you want to organize an interview (priest, pastor, nun, christian parents with LGBT children, LGBT couples or laypeople);
  4. In simple words try to explain to us what you feel the need for, so we can direct you to the person most suitable for you.

After that we will arrange for the person assigned to contact you, and from there on you will decide together how to communicate (telephone, video call, etc.).

I Trust in Thee is a listening service only, no in-person meetings can be arranged, and we no offer other support of any kind (neither financial, nor legal, nor any other kind of support).

All information provided will be treated confidentially and strictly in compliance with the legislation on the processing of personal data.

This is “I Trust in Thee”. If you need to talk we are waiting for you! Write to us at