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Forms of Discrimination of LGBT People in Ghana

Ghana follows in the footsteps of numerous other African countries in seeing homosexuality as alien to Ghanaian culture, and a western neo-imperial imposition. However, despite this popular belief, homosexuality has existed and has been practiced in Ghana.

Homosexuality in Zimbabwe: A Reality!

The labelling of homosexuality as unAfrican has tended to create the impression that homosexuality was non-existent in precolonial African communities. The label has been widely interpreted in the light of the origins of homosexuality.

«L’Eglise doit accompagner les homosexuels de Madagascar»

A Madagascar, les homosexuels ne sont pas persécutés ni discriminés mais pas non plus acceptés. Le prêtre catholique Séraphin Handriniaina, auteur d’une récente thèse sur la question, souhaite que l’Eglise accueille et accompagne davantage ces personnes qui s’affirment de plus en plus dans la société malgache.