Author: Adelard

My brother is gay

My brother is gay, and I don’t see anything strange about him. I personally don’t think brotherhood should be affected by sexual orientations.
Gay or straight I don’t mind, we are brothers that’s what matters to me. I believe the rest should not have a place in a family. Though outside it could be challenging.

My different way of loving

There are and will always be a shadow in our relationship, that is the price we are paying but it doesn’t make us less happy.

À nous le devoir

Kim raconte une expérience avec deux gars qui ne supportaient pas être à côté des personnes homosexuelles avant de le connaitre. Un jour j’étais dans un marriage d’un ami en France, avec un autre...

Love won’t fail us

The title “Love won’t fail us” in regards this letter means that Dunny went through all the mess because of love but kept on going. “In this letter, it looks like love betrayed me...