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Beyond African religious homophobia: How Christianity is a source of African LGBT activism

In this piece I’m not concerned with “African homophobia” as such – although I’d like to pose the question whether homophobia is the most useful term to understand the politics around homosexuality and LGBT rights in contemporary African societies. Neither am I concerned with the reasons why Western media tend to depict “African homophobia” in rather sensationalist ways – although I do wonder whether it has something to do with the deep-rooted perception of Africa as “backward” that allows the West to see itself as “progressive” and “modern”.

Call to action by Uganda’s LGBT+ Community

The constitutional court nullified the Anti-homosexuality Act in August of 2014 but there has been numerous press over the past weeks about a plan by a section of Ugandan legislature to re-introduce the law. In order to provide clarity on the facts relating to this reporting and offer strategic guidance to partners, the leadership of the LGBTQI+ community and Civil society activists met in Kampala on October 17, 2019.

Uganda to criminalize homosexuality

On Thursday, One day to the World coming out day Uganda announced his plans to resurrect the anti-gay bill wich will impose the death penalty to homosexuals, saying the legislation will curb the rise...