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The Blind Beggar

Bible reflections published by the Catholic LGBT organization New Ways Ministry (USA), March 22, 2020 “Bartimaeus is blind and has no one to listen to him. Jesus hears his plea. When he goes to...

Celibacy is a gift, not a mandate

Article from the series A Brief Biblical Case for LGBTQ Inclusion, taken from the website The Reformation Project, part three NON-AFFIRMING MESSAGE: If gay Christians cannot marry someone of the opposite sex, the Bible’s...

A Queer Lent

Text published on HackNScript, Queer and Blogging, March 12, 2014 A Continuous Lent Lent is a time of self reflection and personal denial, but for me as a queer person it can be a...

My brother is gay

My brother is gay, and I don’t see anything strange about him. I personally don’t think brotherhood should be affected by sexual orientations.
Gay or straight I don’t mind, we are brothers that’s what matters to me. I believe the rest should not have a place in a family. Though outside it could be challenging.

My different way of loving

There are and will always be a shadow in our relationship, that is the price we are paying but it doesn’t make us less happy.