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Qui sont les volontaires de GayChristianAfrica?

GayChristianAfrica est un site Web qui vise à montrer et à partager la vie quotidienne des chrétiens homosexuels dans leurs communautés et leurs églises dans les différentes régions de l’Afrique. Nous sommes un groupe...

Who are the volunteers of GayChristianAfrica?

GayChristianAfrica is a website aiming to show and share the daily life of homosexual Christians in their communities and churches in different part of Africa. We are a group of volunters from different countries...

Gay by God. Proud by choice!

PRIDE in being gay is not something that comes naturally when we live in a world that tells us we are “evil” and “immoral”. For most of us it is first a road of self-awareness, and then of self-acceptance. We then need to take a further step to determine the consequences of our “Coming Out” to family, friends, and co-workers. For many the losses are not worth revealing the truth and so they remain closeted. This is understandable.

Some essential facts. Homosexual, Sodomy, and Sodomite

There is no word in biblical Greek or Hebrew for sodomy. A Sodomite was simply an inhabitant of Sodom, just as a Torontonian is an inhabitant of Toronto. It was not until after the rise of the hierarchy in the institutional church that the story of Sodom and Gomorrah was inaccurately equated with homosexuality and the word sodomite came into use.

Call to action by Uganda’s LGBT+ Community

The constitutional court nullified the Anti-homosexuality Act in August of 2014 but there has been numerous press over the past weeks about a plan by a section of Ugandan legislature to re-introduce the law. In order to provide clarity on the facts relating to this reporting and offer strategic guidance to partners, the leadership of the LGBTQI+ community and Civil society activists met in Kampala on October 17, 2019.